Thursday, February 10, 2011

RLAG 5-Word Memoirs

Here’s a fun sampling of some great creative energy:

There’s snow stopping me now!—Kristy [p.s. you have to say it fast to hear the true beauty of this one…p.p.s. this was the random draw winner!]

Strong, steady, tough, ready – ME!—Kristen

Mental toughness shapes physical beauty—Teresa

Heart break healed by running—Karen

It is my "me" time—Riki

Coffee's best with tired legs—Melinda

Downward-dog felt good, at lastLibby

Still looking for second wind—Mindy

Fell in love with myself—Geneva

Man ahead, pass on left—Jill

And then I surprised myself—Diti

Cleared away all the confusion—Natalie

I felt an immense peace—Marcia

Joy carried my legs alongGenet