Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not even halfway there...

Some days I think about how much time I have left for all the things I want to do. On dark days, it doesn't feel like enough. On good days, it feels like incentive to do it now. But the story about Ida Keeling in the New York Daily News opened a new world of possibility.

Ida just set a world record in her age group for the 60 meter sprint distance. Her age group?--over 90. Actually, she's well into that age bracket at 95.

As you'll see in the story, she's not had an easy time in life, but for the past 30 years exercise has been a true companion for her: "It's so uplifting," Keeling said. "Instead of giving these children jail time, they should give them a sentence of exercise. That would wake them up."

Hear. Hear.

As for me, I'm excited to learn that I'm not even halfway there yet. What a gift!