Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Ever RLAG Giveaway!

Win a $75 gift certificate to Skirt Sports, in the first ever 5-word “RLAG” memoir contest!

Whaa?—Based on the 5-word memoir (for example—Never finished anything except cake), the 5-word Run Like a Girl (RLAG) memoir is a new variation, centered around the theme of how, why or when you’ve run like a girl. And…what’s running like a girl? It’s being strong and happy in our physical being. It’s challenging ourselves (to do things athletic and non-athletic) and daring to fail. It’s hanging on to our Let’s-Go girl spirit, even as we are women. Here are a few examples of 5-word RLAG memoirs:

Strong legs carried me far.

Toenails fell off, kept going.

Believed I could, and did.

Fleet feet in short skirt

Send in your 5-word RLAG memoir (pictorial accompaniment always welcome) to me, at by Wednesday, February 9 and you’ll automatically be entered to win a $75 gift certificate to Skirt Sports (think cool, hip, cute, sexy and versatile workout clothes). Not only that, anyone who signs up for Skirt Sports e-newsletter will automatically be entitled to a 10% discount anytime—how great is that?

5-word word memoirs (and pix) will be published here. Memoirs may also be published on Skirt Sports' website or Facebook Fan page. And p.s. if you don’t already “like” our FB fan pages, do it now!

The Fine Print (except in this case bold and obvious): Please put “Skirt Sports Contest” in the email subject line. To be eligible for the gift certificate, you must have a US shipping address.