Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Retarding Progress

Some disheartening news about Title IX an article today...turns out that so-called "roster management," aka padding and/or manipulating team rosters, is a preferred method for "complying" with Title IX. How disappointing.

Just when we think things are getting better, to whit, women's ski jumping becoming an official Olympic sport...

Lest we forget though, this is an effort that's been going on a long while. None other than famed, French writer Emile Zola, a master of social realism, recommended in 1900 that, "riding, swimming, cycling, gymnastics, all these should form part of a young girl’s education." You can read Zola's whole article on this wonderful blog post on Women Talk Sports.

Our task?--to keep on keeping on--one day at a time, one woman at a time, as we participate in sports, as we introduce it, and model it for the girls in our lives.