Friday, April 1, 2011

Bunny Athlete

Question--what do we think about Roberta Mancino?--squirrel-suited skydiver, who has posed in the altogether (aka her birthday suit) for the publicity boost it gives her.

I feel mixed. On the one hand, I think, ugh, she's bringing us all down, by perpetuating and pandering to the market, which gives scant coverage to women athletes, unless they are in their scanties. On the other hand, I think, savvy girl, playing to a paying audience and making her way. She's just a working girl, like the rest of us.

We can be athletes, without being bunnies. Yes, it's true that exigencies of the market seem to dictate that women need to pretty-up and strip down, but the market has also, at times, suggested that investing in sub-prime mortgages was a good idea, or that high-fructose-corn-syrup is a food we ought to consume...ultimately we have choices, right? If we don't want to follow Roberta's lead, or invest in the dodgy, or eat Star Trek-like food, we don't have to. All power to us. It might feel like tilting against windmills, to stand for what we believe, but doesn't it make us feel better in the end?

Roberta does what works for her. We each do what works for us. And what we do, is an expression of who we are.

What do you think?