Monday, January 17, 2011

Living Lightly

I am not a monogamist. So while I'm passionate about running, I also adore xc skiing, not to mention hiking and any number of other things that get me outdoors. And then there's the non-athletic things I love, movies, for example.

The other night we went down to Nevada City (in CA, not Nevada!) to the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and saw two fantastic environmental activism films. One, Truck Farm, was about a creative guy in Brooklyn who decided to grow veggies and herbs in the bed of his pick up truck. Along the way he visits roof "farms", window "farms" and other farms in New York city, as he thinks about how we might feed ourselves in a more sustainable, less impactful fashion. The second, Bag It, looks at the deleterious (extremely!) impact of plastic on our lives, the lives of the animals we share this world with and our planet. Suffice to say that one particularly wrenching scene showed a scientist going through the contents of a dead albatross's stomach, which contained--no joke--10 (yes, 10) plastic bottle caps.

So what does this have to do with running like a girl? RLAG is to live the best lives we can, which is going to get pretty hard if we don't take care of where we are living (not to mention we want our beautiful places to run and cycle and hike and swim and climb and and). RLAG is also understanding that we are the authors of our own happiness, which includes our health and therefore see where I'm going with this...the health of this amazing blue ball we call home. So here's one small action we might all undertake--as athletes we drink more than our share of water (and sports drinks), let's try to make as much of that consumption from our own bottles, and not single use, disposable bottles.

Run like a girl. Live lightly.