Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Running in Africa

Of late you may have noticed a theme about trying new things...well...here's one more--my partner and I have decided, somewhat spontaneously (aka precipitously and at the last minute) to join a fundraising run and hike in Kenya and Tanzania. We are embarking on this adventure to promote AIDS awareness and raise funds to build the first and largest, public children’s hospital in Sub Saharan Africa; a continent where child mortality is a modern day atrocity we need to address.

Starting on November 21st (yes, I do mean in a month!), we are going to join Toby Tanser, CEO and Founder of Shoe4Africa and our long-time friend Rodney Cutler (who we met through running more than 15 years ago), on a run from Mombasa to the base of Kilimanjaro (200 miles in 6 days), and from there hike up that mountain.

Shoe4Africa is a fantastic organization, committed not only to building this children’s hospital in Kenya, but also to the empowerment of African women, as the key to the future. Indeed!

I would be deeply honoured if you would sponsor us in this undertaking, and contribute to this important Shoe4Africa initiative.