Monday, August 2, 2010

Argentinian Soccer, Not Just for Boys...

Just heard about this inspiring documentary about girls playing soccer in one of the toughest slums of Buenos Aires: Goals for Girls (the movie).

I thought everyone in Argentina was practically born dribbling a soccer ball between their feet. Silly me, what I meant to say was that everyone who is a boy is weaned on soccer. Girls, it turns out, are not necessarily welcome in the sport in that soccer-loving nation. In fact, girls have to fight hard for some turf on which to kick the ball around. But when they get the opportunity--what a difference it can make, giving them hope for the future, not necessarily as pro soccer players, rather by opening their eyes to the opportunities they can make for themselves.

Check out the movie's website. They need support getting it out there, so if you're so moved, that would be grand, too.