Friday, July 17, 2009

amazing women...

There are some pretty amazing women out there. Not news, of course, but always so inspiring to come across. I've been lucky these last months, because working on my book, Run Like a Girl, I've been interviewing some pretty fabulous representatives of the fair sex.

Just this week, I spoke with Michelle Theall, Editor-in-Chief of Women's Adventure magazine. She started off by saying, "I can't say what sports means to me, it is me." This from a woman whose mother told her that if she played sports her ovaries might fall out. She didn't have what you might call an encouraged beginning in sports. And if that wasn't enough of a challenge, in her early 30's, Michelle was diagnosed with MS. So she knows what's she's talking about when she says, "sports is a good base for anything that might hit you from left field."

Everything we are, everything we learn is granted to us on a use or lose it basis--sports teaches us to use it.